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#4 key steps

Wash your client’s hair at least twice to remove all residue. Hair must be perfectly clean to allow for a perfect, long-lasting application. For a successful application, remove any residue to allow Micro Rings to adhere perfectly to natural hair. Conditioner application should be avoided to prevent slippage.
Rinse the client’s hair carefully with warm water and finish with cold water to close the cuticles and prepare the hair for styling.
Dry the client’s hair without brushing, they should dry following their natural direction so as to avoid breakage and ensure accurate application.
Straighten hair with a flat iron, avoiding bulges at the roots.

How to divide client's hair into sections

The better the hair will be divided into sections, the better the result will be.

Be sure to always leave at least 1 inch/2,5 cm of hair around the perimeter and between each line so that the Weft can be covered. If the Weft is applied above the occipital area, the hair should be parted following a horseshoe or U-shape. Below the occipital area, near the nape of the neck, on the other hand, the section should be straight. If your client usually wears hair tied in ponytails or braids, you will need to take this into consideration. For total application, you will need to start at the nape of the neck. Usually, no more than 3 rows of Wefts are applied. Determine how many Wefts you will need to apply based on the client’s head diameter. Make sure you are clear on how many rows you will need to apply and where. To get an idea, you can run the Weft around the client’s head before cutting it. You can place a Weft folded back on itself on each row. The number of rows you can make varies from 1 to 3, based on the client’s needs. Be sure to leave enough space between each row; the distance varies based on several factors, including desired volume and result. Remember to leave enough natural hair at the sides and nape of the neck to hide the extensions.

How to determine the number of rows


YOUYOU Weft maintenance and removal

The reapplication appointment should take about 1 to 2 hours
and includes:

Weft and Micro Rings removal
Removal of any knots, washing and drying (optional)
Checking for natural hair damage or skin irritation
Discussion of any specific treatments for natural hair care


Cutting and drying (optional)
Weft reapplication according to the various steps required
Aftercare tips




Remove all of the client’s naturally fallen hair from the Micro Rings and Weft. If necessary, wash the hair and dry it before reapplication.


Weft should be removed about 8-10 weeks after application. Failure to do so would risk knotting that could damage natural hair.
Once removed, the Weft can be reapplied immediately.


Weft can be reapplied in the same position.
However, in some cases it is advisable to move the application point slightly to protect natural hair and prevent scalp irritation.


Possible causes of error when applying the Wefts.


If the Weft does not stay in place, it is often because the Micro Rings are not tight enough. If this is the case, locate the ones that are too loose and tighten them properly with the appropriate pliers. However, it could also be that the thread is left too loose; in this case it would be necessary to remove the Weft and proceed with the stitching, it may not be necessary to remove and reapply the Micro Rings as well. In case the loss of hold was caused by using an unsuitable brush, we recommend using the YOUYOU Soft & Shine Extensions Brush.

WARNING: if hair loss or brittle hair is already occurring, do not apply the Wefts without the client first consulting with their doctor or signing a document stating that they will apply the extensions at their own risk.


If the ends of the Weft are loose, there may be a problem with the tie knots. Doing the ponytail often can also loosen the sewing knots of the Weft. Stitching the ends together instantly solves the problem.


If the Weft is not sewn tight enough, it can become wavy and its durability is compromised. Again, the Weft must be removed and reapplied.


If hair feels dry and breaks easily, it is often because inadequate hair care products have been used. We recommend using the YOUYOU product line; specifically Conditioner and Hair Gloss Serum to nourish the hair and Knot a Problem Detangler to make it more combable. Another cause of excessive hair dryness could be too high a temperature of the blow dryer when drying or too frequent use of the flat iron.


If the ends of the Weft curl, there may be a drying problem or the use of an unsuitable brush. Therefore, it is very important to sew the ends of the Weft precisely to avoid this kind of problem.


In case severe itching, red dots or pimples appear on the skin while wearing the Weft, it should be removed immediately.
This can happen for example if Micro Rings are applied too close to the scalp. After removal, a scalp serum may reduce discomfort. If necessary, consult a dermatologist.


If dandruff and mild itching occurs following application, it is often because the Weft was applied too close to the skin. This can be resolved by removing it and reapplying it in the correct position. It could also be a matter of improper drying by the client; instruct him or her how to dry the application points more thoroughly.





#IF the client loses hair and/or the hair is
too thin.
#IF the client has very curly hair and
never straightens it.
#IF the client wishes to continue wearing very high ponytails.
#IF hair is shorter
than 7 cm.



The client’s hair should not undergo any chemical treatments for at least one week before the application of the extensions to be sure that the color matches perfectly.



The client’s hair can be treated before or during application. Ideally, it would be best to avoid dyeing the extensions. If possible, lightening should be done only on natural hair or once the extensions have been removed.

How to take care of YOUYOU extensions at home

Once the extensions have been applied, it is important to wait at least 48 hours before washing the hair.
Always use YOUYOU Glow Affair shampoo and conditioner. They contain Vitamin E and hydrolyzed wheat protein: with antioxidant effect, they give shine, volume and strength; hair is nourished and soft.
Always wash your hair with an upright head to prevent your natural hair from getting tangled.
Dab the hair with a towel and avoid any rubbing or twisting motion.


Brush the hair twice a day with the Soft&Shine Extension Brush, specifically developed to loosen hair knots with extensions without damaging the application points.
As you brush, support the Weft at the hairline with one hand and brush the hair from top to bottom.
At night, after brushing, tie the hair into a soft braid to reduce movement. Alternatively, tie in a low ponytail.
After exposure to the sun, chlorinated water, or if you feel your hair is dry, don’t forget to wash, nourish, and rehydrate it with YOUYOU products.

Get even more success with YOUYOU extensions!

The first impression is what counts! Remember that you are offering a unique product and a complete, personalized service. We recommend that you dedicate a specific area of your salon to display YOUYOU products.

The moment when you and your customer open YOUYOU products together is beautiful. Why don't you take some photos?

Remember: a photo before applying YOUYOU Wefts is always welcome. Then you can discuss the desired result with the client. This way you can expand your portfolio in no time.

It is important to clearly explain to the customer the origin of the product and the advantages of YOUYOU. Especially the ready-to-wear concept, innovative cuticle realignment, and guaranteed quality.

After application, you only need to do the finishing touches. Give your clients tips on how to create a great look at home. Again, photo, photo, photo. Your clients will love it.

Remind your client to use YOUYOU hair care products at home as well. Most importantly, schedule your next appointment now!


Play with the concept of before and after and show as many looks as possible that can be achieved with extensions.


#REMEMBER: Always have them sign a release specifying that you will use the images produced on social media or include them in your portfolio. Also remind your clients that @youyouhair may use these images on his official profile. 

Take the photos making sure to keep the same position in the “before and after” shots. We recommend that you choose a neutral background. The light should be adequate; it would be helpful to have an area of the salon dedicated to making content.
Try to take photos outside as well, but make sure that the light does not alter the color of the hair. The key thing is that the client always remains the protagonist of the shot.
Avoid putting in the frame other people and/or other elements, especially products or logos of other brands. It is advisable that your client smiles; a smile is synonymous with a successful application.
Also, make content during the application phase
of the extensions or during the consultation. It is important to communicate the fundamental relationship of trust between the stylist and the client.
The light source should be behind or next to the
photographer and we recommend that you use a ring light if possible. Take care to ensure that the light does not alter the color of the hair.
Set your smartphone or camera to the
highest resolution possible. In both stories and posts, avoid using too many filters that could change the photos making them surreal and could alter the client’s personality.



Share your content on your social profiles always tagging @youyouhair and the client. We recommend that you also publish your content as a story (on Facebook and Instagram). As for stories, remember to use similar colors as indicated for frames, text and graphic elements.