Weft Hair Extensions

If you are searching for an incredible volume and a wow effect, YOUYOU Weft is for you!

A hair Weft extension is made of multiple hair strands, sewn together at the top forming a panel of hair. YOUYOU Weft extensions are machine tied, this means that they can be cut without shedding.

Weft extensions can be applied in many different ways. We suggest the micro rings application. This process is easy, painless, seamless and does not harm your natural hair; you will love the result!

Discover all the YOUYOU weft accessories in the dedicated section.

What to love about our Instant Blend weft extensions

  • made of 100% human hair, responsibly sourced all around the world.
  • composed by a mix of 7 to 12 lengths for an even more natural result and a perfect layering.
  • machine-tied weft, 30’’-35’’ wide, that can be cut without shedding.
  • unique Instant-Blend design for a fast application, cut and styling.
  • 3 lengths (14”,18” & 22”) available. Each lengths weight is respectively 60 g, 80 g &100 g.
  • 2 color families and 33 colors to choose from (Naturals and Rooted).
  • Dream big! We won’t let you down.

Take proper care of your YOUYOU Weft extensions and your amazing new look will last up to 8 weeks, can you believe it? After this period, it will be necessary to move up the extensions to make sure they remain invisible; don’t forget to set the appointment with your hairstylist!

Are you ready to reach your hair goals with YOUYOU?

PS: we do not joke when we state that we care about the environment. Each YOUYOU Weft is sold in a packaging made of recycled paper and cellulose acetate. It’s smart, practical and 100% recyclable!

Remember, our sustainable packaging is just the tip of the iceberg, we are constantly working to find the way to reduce even more our production impact on our planet.

YOUYOU hair extensions are a professional product, please ask your YOUYOU hairstylist for a consultation and discover the best type of extensions for your needs.


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