#GOLDENRULE: treat your extension as you would treat your natural hair.

YOUYOU extensions are made of natural hair, consequently, some tangling is absolutely normal! That’s why we created the perfect combo of extensions brush and comb, brush your hair regularly with YOUYOU!

YOUYOU TOP TIP: are your tangles really strong? Use YOUYOU Knot a Problem Detangler to easily untie even the worse ones.

Sectioning Comb

YOUYOU Sectioning Comb is a professional tool thought to ease hairstylists in the extension’s application process. Indeed, thanks to its design, it can be used to create precise and clean sections before the application of both Tape-In and Weft.

Even if it has a professional purpose, you can use it even at home; it is perfect if you desire to create some particular updos!

YOUYOU comb has been designed to meet all your needs:

  • Extra hook to make hair pulling super easy
  • Ultra-thin pin tail to create precise and clean sections before extensions applications

Soft & Shine Extensions Brush

YOUYOU Soft & Shine Extensions Brush is the perfect solution to gently brush hair extensions, preserving their beauty and integrity. Thanks to its double bristles, it can be used to detangle hair in depth leaving them shiny and silky.

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