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YOUYOU offers professional hair extensions that instantly blend with your own hair.

All YOUYOU hair extensions are made with 100% Remy regenerated natural hair.

We offer two types of hair extensions: TAPE-IN and WEFT.

Our hair extensions are designed to instantly blend with your hair, for a truly seamless result. What is the Instant Blend by YOUYOU?

#SPOILERALERT even when you think your hair is all the same length, well, in reality you have some hair that is longer, and some that is shorter. YOUYOU designed the INSTANT BLEND TAPE-IN and WEFT extensions in order to give you a product that is truly like YOU.

Each TAPE-IN and WEFT by YOUYOU is designed to mimic the perfect layering, obtained by mixing 6 to 12 lengths. Your hair goals have never been so close!

INSTANT BLEND for YOU means less time spent at the hair stylist and more time for YOU.

Also, if you care about the environment as much as we do… think about all the hair you are saving by having less to cut off in the process!

YOUYOU is not only hair extensions, we also have designed all the accessories and tools needed to apply, maintain and remove tape-in and weft.

To complete the range, discover also our hair care line, products designed specifically for hair extensions available also for at home use!

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