Who we are & our Mission

We are innovators by heritage

It’s no longer time for convergent thinking: well- established solutions are proving themselves to be inadequate to face today’s challenges.

The good news is that the world can be re-invented.

We call for a radically new way of thinking and doing business. That’s why we chose to think about hair in an innovative way, with the aim of developing high quality products for everyone alongside a real added value for the environment.

After years of investments in R&D, we are finally proud to introduce you to our promise of a revolution in the field of hair – its name is YOUYOU.

We choose to do business consciously, by taking care of people’s well-being and of the planet.  From the production process and the substances involved, to the 100% recyclable packaging, we are striving to find always new solutions to improve our sustainable commitment. It is clear that taking care of YOU means taking care of what surrounds YOU; we are here to develop a new way of doing this.

Discover more about YOUYOU thanks to our Founder, Flavia Antonino: “We care deeply about our customers, the incredible feeling they get from having beautiful hair, always ethically and sustainably. My father Matteo, one of Great Lengths’ founders, created the most excellent and sought-after hair extensions brand in the world. He was a true pioneer. Great Lengths remains the market leader for the best quality Remy hair in the world. This is a family company driven by an absolute passion and striving for innovation, customer care, and excellence in all parts of our business. Today, we introduce YOUYOU, a new brand, grounded in advanced scientific research, transparency, and in deep business sustainability. YOUYOU brings the same family-driven approach and the same values set – absolute passion, innovation, and quality – to the next generation of consumers”.

YOUYOU stands by YOU

Welcome to YOUYOU, the future of accessible hair extensions. If we can shape the future, it is because we shaped history: YOUYOU stems from an unparalleled knowledge of the world of extensions. The absolute artistry, craftsmanship, and artisan methodologies we’ve mastered for decades are applied to our YOUYOU revolutionary hair extension concept. In a world where conformity is the norm, express your true self. We believe that the pursuit of beauty and self-confidence should be free of fixed and set ideas.

We created this name because we want to spread the message that you are unique, the one who truly knows who you are. And the many “who” that you are!

Life is much more fun if you are free to express your most authentic self. We are just here to help you on that journey.

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